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ZuperMeal a food delivery startup closed down its Operations

ZuperMeal a food delivery startup

ZuperMeal a Mumbai based food delivery startup has closed its operations 8 months after it raised seed funding. When the app is downloaded it shows an error message, and website is also not working.

ZuperMeal was founded in July 2016 by Pallavi Saxena, wife of Ravi Saxena co-founder of Wonderchef, Prabhakar Banerjee and Balasubramanian Anantha Narayanan. It connects consumers to home chefs with the help of its app. At a net margin of 15%, it claims to have 150 homemakers to cook 60 – 70 meals a day on its platform.

Balasubramanian Anantha Narayanan, one of the co-founder of ZuperMeal has now joined LogiNext a logistics startup as Vice-President in Business Development.

ZuperMeal is a platform which helps the home cooks to become Home Chefs and provide their special dishes to the customers. Ravi Saxena and Sanjeev Kapoor along with 2 foreign partners collectively will invest $2 million.

Earlier this month, TinyOwl a Mumbai based food ordering app temporarily withdrawn their services in all the cities except Mumbai, as it was struggling for the past few months. Similarily another app Zeppery on which users used to pre order food at food outlets and restaurants have closed its operations.

iTiffin.in a Bangalore based online meal service provider has stopped taking orders and ask their employees to look for another jobs. Similarly TapCibo Online Solutions Pvt Ltd operated Dazo, has closed down its operations in October 2015.

Other food related startup managed to raise funding includes, Swiggy a Bangalore based startup raised an $7 million funding from Norwest Venture Partners, Accel Partners and DST Global. Peeto a Bangalore based startup in online restaurant space has raised its Series A round of funding of $10 million to scale up their business. FreshMenu raised $17 million in its Series B round funding, and Cookaroo and First Eat have secured angel funding and seed funding.

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