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Zomato acquired Sparse Labs a Logistics technology startup.


Zomato an online food ordering platform has acquired Sparse Labs a Gurgaon based Logistics technology startup.

Sparse Labs was founded in 2014 by Pankaj Batra. It has developed an Android based mobile app which allows the users and restaurants to track the location of the rider. Rider can also access the app to look for the route information avoiding traffic. It clients include Spice Labs, Beuno, Pickmylaundry and Qlivery.

Zomato’s 80% of the orders are delivered by the restaurants while the other 20% are delivered by the company through its logistics partner Delhivery and Grab.

Deepinder Goyal  co-founder and CEO of Zomato posted on his blog stating

“There are some areas that have immense room for improvement, the most significant one being delivery tracking. At the restaurant end, this technology will help make deliveries highly cost- and time-efficient, allowing them to optimise delivery routes and ensuring minimal wait time for riders. We’ve always maintained that the most cost-efficient delivery fleet is the restaurant’s own, where they can utilise the same staff during off-peak hours for back-of-house and marketing activities.”

Sparse Labs will be renamed as Zomato Trace and will delivered food at free of cost to restaurants listed on Zomato’s food delivery network.

In July 2016, Zomato delivered 1 millions orders a month where as its competitor Swiggy did 1.2 million orders a month.

In 2015, Zomato acquired nine startups all over the world which includes Obedovat in Slovakia, Lunchtime in the Czech Republic, Gastronauci in Poland, MenuMania in New Zealand, Italy based Cibando Ltd, Mekanist Turkey based, US based NexTable, Urbanspoon and Maple POS.


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