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Zeta Offers New Digital Solutions


Zeta is an emerging entity that focuses on mobile and digital payments. The company connects HR managers of firms to every employee’s cell phone using a single web-based interface. With the click of a button, managers can instantly send meal vouchers, medical reimbursements, gifts etc. to each employee, irrespective of the location. Any corporate can avail Zeta’s solution without any complications regardless of their employee strength or location.

Previously, it had launched cloud services for Human Resources Managers that help in end to end management of employee tax benefits programs electronically. On July 6 it launched 3 new digital solutions in the employee tax benefits and rewards space.

Bhavin Turakhia Co–founder and CEO of Zeta said

“Employee benefits and rewards as a space has remained the same for decades. Companies are forced to use age-old practices for the lack of a wholesome and better solution. This space was waiting for a disruption and Zeta is ushering in this revolution by being the first such solution in this space in India.”

These new solutions, available on mobile and card platforms will radically simplify:

  • how companies manage medical claims & reimbursements
  • how employees receive tax-free gifts from their companies, and
  • how companies manage their incentives & rewards programme for employees.

Ramki Gaddipati, another Co-founder and CTO at Zeta adds,

“Zeta’s technology is cutting edge. We have built this system to be intuitive and intelligent. Zeta also brings down the allowance claim process timeline from weeks to just a few minutes. We use machine learning and image processing technologies which help us achieve a reduction in both, time and cost of processing bill claims.”

Directi, Zeta’s parent company is a technology multinational firm situated in India, US, China and Europe. It is planning to get 100 more corporates on-board in the near future.




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