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WorkApps raised seed funding from SaaS Investor

WorkApps an Intranet Portal raised seed funding of $1 million  from SaaS Investor, Sashi Reddi led SRI Capital.

It was founded in 2015 by Rudrajeet Desai, MVS Murthy and Shankar Borate. It claims to have a consulting and hybrid model where user is not required to pay any hourly fee. It offers one view to all the task requirements in an enterprise. Its provides its users with assorted boxes for unfinished and finished work, generating performance based reports, keeping data secured at one platform, customises work management and manages shared work.

Rudrajeet Desai, co-founder of WorkApps, said,

“Our clients are in the large enterprise space with 1500-1700 employees. It (product) seeks to solve reallife problems on a day-to-day basis when it comes to collaboration and task management.”

Interest areas include data, software, services, analytics, anything where a user pays a subscription amount on a regular basis. They have more than 20 investments in enterprise SME, SaaS and consumer SaaS sectors in the US and India.

Other players in the same space includes Trello, Slack, BaseCamp, Asana, SharePoint, Fb@work, Gridle and Planner. Last year Griddle raised seed funding of $100k from Angel Investors via LetsVenture.


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