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Why the Government should support Startups: Nation Building

In our series on “Why the Government should support Start-ups”, we will talk about how the start-ups are helping in building and betterment of the country. The start-ups of today are not just about making money and exploiting the customers and the national resources but also about uplifting the standard of living to some extent. In this article, we will talk about different start-ups in various sectors that are improving those sectors as a whole.

Start-ups have made their presence felt in almost every sector. From business to social welfare, every sectors have young people working to advance their scope. The most obvious sector is retailing. The e-commerce boom has not just helped the online retailer but also small business owners that have now a presence to areas that were previously impossible to reach. This has also proved advantageous for the customers as well who are availing huge discounts. The travel segment has also seen a lot of start-ups with names such as yatra.com and makemytrip.com. These travel portals have made ticket booking form being ponderous to a piece of cake task. They also provide information about the destinations and other helpful services. Another important area is public transport with providers such as Ola and Meru doing a fabulous in moving the country’s population. There are also start-ups in railway sectors (we talked about in a previous article) that are changing the way you travel in railways. These start-ups, along with providing jobs, also lend a hand in the social sector with start-ups such as Access food which provides food from where it is in abundance to where it is scarce.

These start-ups are a making a net of new and refreshing companies and are redefining the definition of entrepreneurship. This is helping the country in tackling the challenges that needed attention for a long time.

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