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Why the Government should support startups: Nation Branding

In a previous article, we talked about how it is beneficial for the government to support start-ups as they provide the much needed employment to nation’s youth. Now we will discuss how helping and promoting the start-up culture helps and is helping the government to put a new and refreshing image of the nation on the world stage.

With a deplorable performance on the ease of doing business index, the government felt it important that to make its “Make in India” program a success and to make India a manufacturing house, it needs to bring on a lot changes. By making it easier for the local entrepreneur to carry on business and helping them scale new heights, the government is sending signals to companies about the convenience of doing business in India. the government has brought a lot of reforms to make things easy for foreign companies as well as Indian start-ups to perform well with minimum resistance form the government. The government has further liberalised the Foreign Direct investment norms to provide a clarity for foreign retailer to do business in India and it has also made certain reforms so that Indian companies can expand their business offshores as well. Another important aspect is the showcase of the Indian education. The government will want as many start-ups to succeed as it will establish that the quality of education imparted in the Indian universities is better and they can produce highly capable entrepreneurs as well as highly efficient workforce. This will enable the country to receive foreign top students who will then help in our nation’s building as Indians have done in many other countries.

The effort of the government is showing results as will with India climbing up to 130th position in the global Ease of Doing Business Index and it has ranked number 2nd in a report that makes it a perfect destination for doing business among the growing economies.

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