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Why someone can’t steal your Start-up idea?

Stealing a start-up idea seems to be a serious business. But in reality an idea can be never be stolen. Any idea is a composition of your research and hard work. And stealing only the idea shall help only answering what to do but not how to do. Other factors like time, resource, and funding are also taken into consideration while deriving an idea.


The first time you conceive any idea you have a set of plan which you would execute and expect results. But the one who stole the idea has got only the idea but not the plan. And to execute it may take a lot of time since there is no proper plan. The next component that is going to affect is resource tracking. A start up doesn’t start and work on just the plan. The next important factor is the right resources. And using those resources in the right proportion and method shall derive the right execution of ideas. Stolen ideas matching with the same set of resources that of original sources is pretty impossible!


Time value is very important in start-up ventures as they are always looking into future scope of business. Any idea must be inclined towards the future potential hence the idea could be only a raw piece of information and not a detailed perspective of future scope. The stolen piece might develop a perspective but the proportionate time to conceive the information shall be the same as the original source.


Ultimately the “implementation” shall matter. Stolen ideas always need time to find and implement all the information and process respectively. And those funny documents called Non-Disclosure Agreements(NDA’s) are just piece of papers and never expect people to abide by them. So it is always safe to not let people know what the detailed plan is about. You may ask then, how can we convince the funding companies about the detailed plan? It is always your intelligence to make them understand what you mean without disclosing the whole plan. And always implement it as soon as possible.


If at all you are waiting for the “right time to start” and process any idea. Then sorry to say, there isn’t one!


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