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VizExperts- Gurgaon based Startup helping the Army to secure border

The digital sand model technology was created by Praveen Bhaniramka, an alumni of IIT- Varanasi. When the border Security Force adopted the new digital sand model technology, it was a proud moment for Praveen.
Praveen Bhaniramka Founder and CEO Viz Experts said
“Digital Sand Model is a revolutionary solution for operation planning, mission briefing and training, for the Indian paramilitary, police, and the armed forces,”
About technology Praveen said the integrated solution is built upon a 3D GIS platform and includes audio visual hardware, interaction devices, along with the backend GIS database and terrain data for the entire country. BSF congratulated VizExperts for their role in enhancing border security through visual computing.
Praveen said
“At VizExperts, there has always been a conscious drive to create an ecosystem that supports in-house development of technologies,”
VizExperts Initial investment o f Rs. 2 crore was recorvered within 2 years. For the past 10 years, the company has invested around Rs. 20 crore in the business. Now the company has Rs. 15 crore as their turnover. With initially a team of 5 employees the startup has grown to a team of 70 members. Thier headquarted in Gurgaon and offices in Bangalore and Delhi.
Praveen said
“Our work requires a good connection with re-sellers networks, which we found challenging initially. When you go out in the open market, amidst scores of competitors, scaling up business comes as a major challenge. We faced a similar situation. We had to build a strong team to take on the existing challenges. We hired some senior people for business development. The team we built for this job has yielded favourable results,”
According to Praveen, large portion of their investment was being spent on product and engineering development. However, now the attention is being diverted to business development. Between the financial year 2014 and 2022, india is expecting a budget allocation of $620 billion of which 50% will be used on capital expenditure. Praveen says that the ‘Make in India’ programme is an attempt to open opportunities for hi-tech startups to introduce technologies in the defence sector.
He uses the US’s example for Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) programme. A competitive programme that encourages domestic small business to engage in Federal R&D that should have the potential for commercialisation.  “For this purpose, we have also hired a very senior person as a VP Sales. We aim to spread our resellers network,” says Praveen.
Under the DPP, BMS- Battlefield Management System project, is categorized as Make in India programme which will be one of the largest solutions to be manufactured for the Indian Army. Make in India programme is still in its initial stage and options are limited to the biggies in the defence category.

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