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Venture Race: India, China and USA!

India and china have been always in a neck and neck competition in all terms. Be it the physical supply industry or service industry, socio-economic features and even population! But both the countries have excelled in all forms of business at par with what the world is concerned about. Out of those parameters one that stands out is the start-up ventures. In the race we also have the capital intensive player “USA”.

India China and USA have been always trying to compete in terms of start-ups. There are sufficient proofs regarding this as to the competing firms in the similar product line. But what’s the real need to look into this?

The margin derives out from the economic base of each country. India and China have more labour oriented ventures as there is much in the market for these countries to give away. The factor of huge consumer base for both countries act as a bane in terms of market shares. This means that anywhere around the nook and corner of the country they would find some prospective buyers.

But what’s up with USA? The country lays more emphasis on capital structure than that of workforce management but still there is something lagging for their product to outperform.  Being not so populated country USA has actually arrived onto good quality products but the main reason it has been somewhat treated as lopsided because there is no performance at par to the actual potential.


The industry based venture all same but some parameters to look into are


  • Capital: USA has very good capital strength and all ventures there have been supported very well. China seems to be another pretty strong nation in terms of findings but as far as India is concerned there isn’t much awareness and funding power. A very little margin of our country has started the funding co0ncept than the actual potential.


  • Technology: USA has somewhat got more of tech based products are at a very good margin levels where as India and china are coping up the world standards but are still limited to solution based tech services. In this aspect USA excels the tech based venture.


  • Market: Coming to USA the market usually disappoints the newbies but when it comes to India and china we have a beautiful market response having the population as the positive feature. Willingness to adapt to new tech if used to full in these two Asian countries then mostly this shall overthrow the performance of USA.



Having considered the above we could see a good spurt of growth in the Indian start up line and with more inflow of funds in to good start-up ventures there is even better scope of growing.


As far as China is concerned it still needs working on taking its products outside China.


USA just like usual always acts as a benchmark for the ventures.

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