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UMANG an initiative by Government of India to provide 200+ services

UMANG an app should be launched by the Government of India to solve the difficulties faced by the citizens while accessing e-government services. It has already been named as Mother of all App.

UMANG stands for Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance. Currently the app is in development stage. The App is formed by the Union Ministry of Communications and IT, under National E-Governance Division. By the end of the year the app will be functional. The app will provide more than 200 services offered under one single paltform by Central Government, State Government and Local Government.

As planned initially the Govt plans to introduce only 50 services in this year. 70 new services in the second year and 80 new services in the third year.

One official from NeGD said,

“Everyone is carrying a smartphone and using the internet on mobile. So we want to provide services wherever the citizens are.”

The app can be accessed in 13 languages. In case for Non-Smartphone users, they can access UMANG using SMS based service and toll free numbers. Users can register on the app with their personal details which includes Aadhar Card or Pan Card. Services available under UMANG includes Healthcare Applications, National Scholarship, Women Safety, Crime and crimal tracking, commercial tax/ GST, Network and Systems, Income Tax, IRCTC, E- Municipality, Utility bills, PDS- Public Distribution System, E-court, Land records, M-kisan, Transport- Vahan/ Sarathi, PF/ NPS.

The biggest challenge faced will be the integration of Central and State Departments, as the Politics and Bureaucratic challenges may make the process slower. UMANG is getting involved with the private players to deploy and develop this massive platform.

As per the document, Government of India will

“select a Partner Agency which would be responsible for development, implementation, enhancement and operations & maintenance of Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance (UMANG) platform for a period of 3 years with a possibility of extension to another 2 years and again for 2 years subject to mutually agreed terms and conditions. Major Central/State government services are expected to be provided through UMANG. ”


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