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Uber co-founder launches new real estate venture for Expa called Haus

Headquarted :- San Francisco ,Cailfonia

Uber is an American online transortation network company.

Uber allows consumers to submit a trip or a ride request directly with their mobile app which is then routed to Uber drivers who use their own cars.

On 28 July,2016 Uber Co-founder and CEO of Expa Studios,

The Expa’s is unveiling its latest project, Haus.

  • Haus is the studio’s first real estate play and focuses entirely on the buying and selling of residential property, digitizing and organizing offers from buyers so that all parties (the buyer, seller, and agents) have more transparency and immediacy through the negotiation process.
  • Haus is digitizes its platform where sellers can put their listing and also   where buyers and their agents can both post their offers, amend them, and see an anonymized version of other offers that have been made on the property.
  • Real estate brokers are shuttling offers to sellers’ agents via fax, email, or simply in-person. On the other side, sellers’ agents are trying to properly compile multiple offers in spreadsheets, in an email, or with pen and paper.
  • With its unique features,The  Haus aims to clear up that capacity by showing each offer,  to both the seller and the other interested buyers.
  • When a seller receives a few good offers on a home, the sellers agent will ask for best and last offer.

Haus is very helpful for seller as  sellers measure the demand on their property, it might also drive away potential buyers who don’t want to get in a bidding war over an already-expensive purchase. Or, this might short a seller who would have received a much higher best and final bid from a buyer, but saw that offer drop to barely beat the next-best offer.

There may also be some concern over this replacing agents entirely, though Camp sees this as a complement to what brokers offer their clients, offering efficiency in the part of the process (compiling offers) that can be slow and time-consuming.

The  question over the transparency angle, Haus certainly offers way more efficiency when it comes to compiling and presenting offers to the buyer.

 “Collecting offers and presenting them is a very manual process, the way that town car companies would pick up a phone, write the fare on the board, and send the next available driver to that location,” said Camp. “It just seems much more efficient for agents to use a platform to coordinate all of this information automatically.”

Saving the time during negotiation process , they’ll pull from the broker fee once the company understands how it can generate extra business for realtors by saving them time during the negotiation process. Currently Haus is not charging any amount.


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