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Things to consider before quitting your day job for Startup

Entrepreneurship is becoming the new BLACK and every one, young and old, seems to be taking up entrepreneurship quitting their daily jobs to do what they love. Entrepreneurship might seem all roses with people raising funds and giving interviews, but it’s not as flowery as might look. An Entrepreneur goes through toils for every single success he ever enjoyed. So it is important to now some things before deciding to quitting your job and starting up a business.

There will be 100s of ideas that will seem to you the best thing there can be. But more often than not, it’s something that YOU feel good about and thinks that everyone will like it. Before you decide to leave your job to start giving your idea a shape, you should first make sure that your idea is worth it. It must be something that is beneficial to other people and has some utility to it.

As we talked in an earlier article, no one will invest in your idea till it shows some promise to excel in the market. And before that happen, it will be you who will be putting all your money to take your idea to that station. So it is important for you to inspect if you have the right amount of cash to bootstrap.

Starting your own business is very tough, you would be working most of the time, you will not have time for your friends, family and special one. You will be living on a very small budget with no salary to support you and a lot of work on your way. In short, you will have no life outside your business.

You might love the idea of being your own boss but once the work starts building up, it will take a toll on you as well as on your work. In such time, it will be important in such time that you give 100% to your work for the survival of your business.

This is one of the most important thing for your success. Once you start networking with people and start telling them your idea, they might not like. They may suggest some changes that you may not like but are important for the survival of your enterprise. In such a case, it will be important for you to decide whether you can give up your idea for the longevity of the business.

Entrepreneurship is the road less taken and even though this situation is changing, it is still not as popular as other occupations with steady income and security. There will be many obstacles ahead but if you have the right determination, there is nothing that could stop you from your goals.


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