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The Brain, the body and the bank account: The price of running a business

Running a business is not an easy task. It might seem nice reading about plethora of start-ups raising seed funding from Angels and VCs but no one knows what’s behind the scene. Almost 70% of the entrepreneurs claim that running a business has taken a toll on their health. It is not shocking considering the fact that all entrepreneur works more than an average employee. The fear of losing that one important client makes them work more than they could handle and this causes severe problems for them in the long run. We take a look at the price paid by these entrepreneurs to achieve what they want.

The one thing that every business owner fear is cash crunch or cash shortage. If you have started your business by taking credit, the first fear is the failure of missing the payment date and the ever growing interests that are to be paid. Sales might be going south and your ancestral property might be on line. You will wake up at nights fearing what is next in life for you. This anxiety can be a lot to handle for your body.

Most entrepreneurs want to achieve most of the work by themselves. They take up work in excess of their capacities and end up losing their time of peace and rest which would have helped their body in revitalising. They end up tiring up their body which proves horrendous for them in the future.

We all have been at that point where you just don’t want to work a single iota further. But for an entrepreneur, this is a make a break situation. If he doesn’t work, his team won’t work. He has to be the leader of the pack and while doing so, he fails to take the much needed break. Exhaustion takes over their mind and they start to break from inside.

All these things have happened to people all around the world all the time. You should understand that your health is more important for your business. You can run a business only when you are a able to. A sound mind is worth 10 tired minds.

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