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Technological startups to set benchmarks!

Taking all start-ups on a serious note now we have huge technological advancement in the scope of industry. Having said that we are now in an era of hands-free job techniques. One such innovation has been recently revealed by a start-up!

From creating a diagnostic assistant for radiologists to a mathematical assistant for science academicians and on to drone image processing abilities, the uses appear to be really diverse. Mumbai-based Arya.ai offers its deep learning algorithms for developers to build intelligent AI systems that can adapt and do multiple things with minimal inputs from humans.

From creating custom APIs to use cases within computer vision, this could range from classifying or searching for products on e-commerce platforms by using visual inputs to security based face matching techniques, as well as language and reasoning, where event prediction can take place.

Through their most recent product, DL Studio (Deep Learning), developers can build deep neural nets and scale it to large data. For instance within IoT, which can generate a huge amount of data on specific equipment, it can become complicated to use this vast amount of information and make predictions about the performance and health of equipment.

With such advancement there is a vision of upbringing the Indian start-ups to an international standard level!

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