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Startups to get a chance for designing EVMs!

In order to reduce frauds in the election process, the government has now decided to job out the process of revamping technology in the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM). This time it has offered the process to potential start-ups. It needs to ensure fool proof system wherein the system should also be cheap enough. According to a source the government took a “conscious decision” to this effect at Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting. The proposal received full support from the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


Also, the government is contemplating on rewarding any such start-up which comes up with a new technology to achieve this purpose,” he added. “But there will be no compromise on element of security since machines have to be fool proof offering no room for tampering.” The government has also decided that for this initiative, start-ups will also be offered incentives.



As of now, only two public sector companies make EVMs for the Election Commission. An EVM consists of a ballot unit and control unit. The government had on Wednesday cleared a proposal of the Election Commission to procure 5.50 lakh new ballot units and 5.45 lakh control units during 2016-17 and approved an expenditure of nearly Rs 9,200 crore for the purpose. The 5,50,000 ballot units (Bus) and 5,45,000 control units (CUs) during 2016-17 will be purchased at a tentative cost of Rs 7,7007 crores and Rs 9,3007 crores, respectively per unit from Bharat Electronics Limited and Electronics Corporation of India Limited.

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