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Slonkit – App that helps children to understand how to manage money

Slonkit is an app which helps today’s generation to understand the value of money and guide young one to manage it accordingly. Until and unless young adults get into their job and start earning money they don’t understand the importance of money. The platform Slonkit helps both parent and children understand each other in value of their money being spent and handle the conflicts around it. As a startup Slonkit was founded, its basic aim is to help the young adults manage their money and understand the proper way of utilizing it.

Murad Nathani Co-Founder & CEO of Slonkit said that

“In this digital age where consumers are open to new ideas, we realised that amongst this all, there has been a gap in parent-child communication about youngsters basic money management skills. A typical weekend today would involve treating children to the little joys of life shopping, movies, eating out.”


Children who are above 10 years of age can use Slonkit easily. With the help of the app parents can limit the amount their children spent, can set the number of transactions, and can even limit the usage. The young generation can built a better future by handling their own money with the help of the app by just a click of a button in the field of digital banking. According to the team of Slonkit, parents are still unwilling to give financial freedom and independence to their children

The app is available on both iOS & Google Playstore. With a total of 30,000 downloads in iOS and Android, Slonkit comes with a reloadable prepaid card that can be used both online and offline for transactions. While parents can ensure their children are learning an important life skill i.e good money habits, children learn to smartly manage their own money early on in their lives.

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