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Should We give up on our Business Goals?

As the year started, I made a mind note, a personal goal, of reading 3 books every month. Things went well for the first month but soon the fatigue of continuous reading got hold of me. But I am a hard egg to crack, I persisted with my goal and read 3 more books the next month. Next came the month of exams and I was faced with dilemma, the question “to read or not to read”. The Babe Ruth poster in my room said “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up” but my exam preparedness was screaming “It’s hard to pass an exam that never gets cleared itself”. Alas, I had to give up my goal and start studying for the exam to come. If I look back now in retrospect, I would say that I made the right choice as the goal I had was becoming a deterrence to my personal happiness and also my personal growth. And so I had to let it go.

It is important to set goals for yourself. It keeps you motivated and focused in your life. From Business prospective also, goal setting is important. But one must understand the whole aim behind setting up of a goal. A business is like an athlete who wants to cross the finish line in 10s. he works really hard for it every day of his life. But one day he gets involved in an accident and lose his legs. Would it be possible for him to achieve that goal he once set for himself? The answer would be no. No for the athlete and no for the business. There can be several reasons for giving up on one’s goal. They are almost same for which you set goals in the first place

Success for business is like oxygen for humankind, they cannot exist without each other. Once you set yourself a goal, you try to achieve that goal by committing your very precious resources. Some of these goals will be achieved by working hard but some of them will not budge to any extent of hard work and any out of the box technique. To endeavour to achieve them will mean spending your resources on a lost cause.

The leadership in a company sets the targets and communicate it to the whole team which start working to actualize those targets. But as the targets becomes obsolete, there comes confusion among the leadership and the team regarding the strategic competence of the organization.

The knowledge of one’s goal is important but what’s more important is knowing when to stop wasting one’s time on a lost venture and reassess one targets so as to keep alive the business.

One must not misunderstand with “not working for a lost target” with “not working for a target at all.” Setting up goals is indeed important for a business but one must be open enough to admit his mistake and be ready to adapt and evolve according to the current scenario.


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