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SAP to join hands with IIT Bombay to support Start-ups in India!

As an initiative to support the budding start-ups in India the enterprise software development firm SAP has now joined hands with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay. The aim of this mission is to train students and teachers in their software model. The company has shown interest towards the Indian market and considers it an important opportunity to make its contribution to the start-ups in India.

The mainframe of this plan is to increase the number of skilled SAP users for making it easy to integrate a whole system of database into one. The focus is primarily on teachers. 10,000 teachers have been selected for the initial stage of this project.

The training shall consist of subjects like engineering, technology, information and communication technologies. This shall increase the skill sets of various levels of teachers and students.

SAP also aims in setting up this initiative in various colleges all over India.

Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP SE said

“I’m always inspired by the ambition and determination of this young generation in India; I’m especially pleased that SAP is partnering with IIT Bombay to help students build sustainable career paths in this global economy. Initiatives like this one are critical to help students realize their bold dreams by bridging the classroom to the workplace.”


SAP being one of the leading software systems in the world shall open doors for many opportunities for our start-up communities as well as students!


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