The Perks of being CrowdFunded


Crowdfunding, as the name suggests itself, is a platform where the entrepreneurs present their idea to a large audience who in turn, invest in the idea. These are not serial investors investing big sums but common folk putting in small amounts of money. What makes this concept viable is the …

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YourDOST raised funding from SAIF Partners


  YourDost YourDOST currently has 10,000 registered users, and a team of over 75 experts offering around 300 one-on-one interactions on a daily basis. Your Dost IS a startup that helps to tackle emotional, depression, While dealing with social pressure constant lifestyle comparison with the peer group due to over …

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Cisco announced LaunchPad program for Indian Startups


The Indian start-ups are all set to hit a home run after favourable announcement and policy changes being done one after another. First, it was RBI that made living a bit easy for start-ups, now its San Jose technology company Cisco that has announced a new LaunchPad program that will …

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The startup Child


For an entrepreneur, conceiving a start-up idea is like conceiving a child: you treat it with utmost care and hope for all the best thing for it. Indeed, a start-up has many similarities with a new born. Both goes through stages which has striking similarities in them. We’ll take a …

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