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Online Learning Startup EdCast Inc gets $16 Million Funding

EdCast Inc, a online learning startup raises $16 Million funding in it’s series B funding which was raised by G.E Asset Managment. Edcast was incorporated in 2013 by Karl Mehta with the main motive of to educate people in their field through online platform. They provide there service to enterprises and individuals also.

Edcast raised $6 Million funding in 2014 which was led by Softbank , Penta Global and many other big players also participated in Series B funding. They are planning to spread their operation into banking , health care and few sectors with the funding and are also planning to partner with companies and government institution to enhance their business.


Karl Mehta Said,

“We are laser focused on our mission to empower enterprises in the knowledge economy with curated, contextual SmartBites (bite size knowledge) used everyday to get smarter in their work. The Millennials in the workplace along with the complexity of engaging and educating customers and partners is creating the need and demand for our knowledge network to engage employees, partners, and customers with daily relevant insights,”


Edcast Inc is currently having their head office in california, United states. They currently have many competitors like HotChalk, MasterClass and are looking to be a step ahead of all of them with the current funding.

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