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Ola to launch its luxury category with Ola Lux

Ola countries largest taxi aggregator has launched its luxury service Ola lux, a service through which users can choose from a fleet of luxury cars including Mercedes, Jaguar, BMW, Audi, Toyota Fortuner and Camri covering the parts of South Mumbai. It will soon to reach other cities as well.

Ola was founded in January 2011 offering its services across 102 cities and has 350k+ cabs and 100k autos under its platform. It offers services such as Ola Share and Ola shuttle for ride sharing and daily commute.

Raghuvesh Sarup, Head of Categories and Chief Marketing Officer at Ola, said,

“With a growing number of young executives, entrepreneurs and professionals, the need for on-demand luxury sedans is growing tremendously in a city like Mumbai. Young adults like the flexibility of not having to drive in heavy traffic or having to park, while still travelling in a stylish luxury ride made available within minutes via the Ola app on their smartphone.”

In luxury segments also ola is providing its low fare policy. Minimum fare for AC fleet taxis is Rs 29 which are operating in Mumbai. The service Ola Lux is available for a minimum price of Rs 200 km for 5 km, and 19 km then on. Rs 2 per minute ride time charge is also applicable.

When the customer is in the designated areas in Mumbai the Lux icon appears on the Ola app. Features like SOS button, driver details, Auto-connect wifi, seamless payment via ola money and live tracking will be available on Ola Lux as well.

Uber being the biggest rival of Ola had last year conducted a campaign with luxury care like Hummer, BMW and Audi on its platform in collaboration with Droom automobiles marketplace. Bike rentals are common with Wicked Ride offering luxury experience with Harley Davidson. In Bangalore Ola was in trouble after the launching of its bike taxi service Ola Bike. After few days, transport authorities seized all the bikes due to lack of permit.

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