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NASSCOM and IBM Launch techstartup.in

NASSCOM and IBM Launch Techstartup.in


IBM and NASSCOM, leading brand names in the IT sector have joined hands to launch a website, techstartup.in. With the aim of assisting budding entrepreneurs, the initiative by the IT giants is helping a lot of startups find their footing. First launched in Bangalore in October 2015, it was later taken higher up north to Delhi in December 2015.



Apex body’s 10,000 Start-ups Vice President Rajat Tandon said

“With Techstartup.in we want to democratize access to key resources and information across the country digitally connecting India’s expanding tech-preneurs. Building it together in support with IBM, it will be a personification of a united commitment to increase jobs, train the workforce of the future, support new startups, and ultimately ensure India is at the center of technology innovation.”


The platform provides startups the required guidance and technical expertise on how to go about the process. The website is very user friendly with provisions for startups to list themselves to avail the wide ranging facilities. With its base in major cities like Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai, techstartup.in provides updates from the tech and startup world. Worried about how to find investors and incubators to fund and support your startup? Don’t know how to keep up-to-date with opportunities and events coming up every day? Techstartup.in is the answer for you. It tells you about all the investors, incubators and other startups. It also updates you about all the upcoming events of relevance. It has the facility of a heat map, which is a cleverly designed area wise map which shows the exact number of investors, incubators, startups, events and jobs.



It not only provides statistical data but also informative articles on the problems you face as an entrepreneur and how to solve them. It has already established itself digitally by connecting with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and other social media platforms.


In the end let’s take a second to appreciate its very apt tagline- “Where startups hang out”!


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