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mishTag raised an undisclosed amount of funding

A social commerce app mishTag has raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from M&Y Partners, Anthil Ventures, SVG Media and other angels. mishTag is also being supported by 91springboard apart from the angel investors.
Pushpendra Thakur and Arpit Chhabra founded mishTag in 2014, it enables the users to upload a photo of the product related to Fashion, homedecor and lifestyle along with the question for any query.
Pushpendra Thakur, co­-founder of mishTag said
“Back in the days, people would turn to their friends and family for an opinion when in doubt while shopping. Then came internet and social media, with people turning to friends on social media for advice and suggestions. We think there is a way to get high quality suggestions, opinions, answers and product recommendations without sifting through an ocean of results”
With an active user base of over 10,000 users, The app has over 8,000 app downloads. mishTag is working to improve their app with a new feature in which shoppers can directly chat with the local merchants selling the products they require. Shoppers can also receive help from Designers, fashionistas, stylist and specialist for some opinions, answers and product recommendations.
Arpit Chhabra, co­-founder and CTO of mishTag said
“When it comes to shopping each one of us has a lot of back pocket information and experiences, good enough to be shared with fellow shoppers, with those looking for help, advice, suggestions or recommendations. We are providing an outlet for such discussions to happen, and our users are loving it.”
Pushpendra Thakur also said that
“We have got over 8,000+ app downloads without much burn, and have an average time spent of 15 mins (across web and mobile). The platform has grown organically, multiple folds in last 3 months alone and drove over 1000+ transactions for various Ecommerce brands through product recommendations, ”

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