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Microsoft longs in LinkedIn for $26.2 billion (bn) in an all cash deal!!

Just imagine a situation where the phone you use, the software you use, the apps therein, and everything around is of the same brand? Feels different right? That time isn’t far! In a hefty billion dollar deal the techno giant took over the popular platform LinkedIn. Microsoft paid in $26.2 billion (bn) to take over the company all in cash. This deal is considered one of the greatest deals of all time involving such huge sum and such gigantic companies.



Microsoft’s assumptions to decide on buying might have been on the basis of increasing customer base as to what they did with skype. The other reason might be getting diversified on the platforms with taking on a very popular platform. The deal seems to favor both of the units as one is good at sales promotion and capital base and the other has very good development and potential team for research and growth.


Market performance

Microsoft isn’t able to perform that good in the near times but that doesn’t mean it’s going down. Comparatively it’s doing pretty off. Same is with LinkedIn but the market capturing and user control is exceptionally good. The only setback with LinkedIn is it’s unable to bring in any new changes that are impressive. But the taking over might prove good to both of them.



When the word of taking-on was out the shareholders responded long on the deal. Share price touched heights giving a thumbs up from shareholders side. This deal shall prove good to the shareholders as well.



Considering both as great entities of the market the Microsoft-LinkedIn deal seems good but not perfect. Carrying out the market statistics it says that if Microsoft could have taken a little time to close the deal it would have been a cheaper deal wherein Microsoft could have reduced its liabilities burden. LinkedIn being poor in growth, Microsoft might help out but the deal could have been closed in much cheaper if Microsoft would have thought a little longer.


Whatever be the loss or gain to these giants, we are going to get all best from them. And a moment of silence to those poor souls who secretly applied jobs in LinkedIn dumping off Microsoft!

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