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Making it BIG: BYG fitness startup raises funding

With an aim to make it BIG in the Indian start-up scene, Bangalore based fitness startup Book Your Game (dubbed as BYG) has raised an undisclosed amount of funding via Letsventure. The funding has associated BYG with the names of Sanjay Verma, former CEO, Cushman & Wakefield, Asia Pacific and Amit Khanna, managing partner, Antuit-Europe.

BYG has been founded by former Goldman Sachs employees Devi Prasad Biswal and Avijeet Alagathi. Devi had been festering the startup bug for quite some time but the right idea was yet to strike. Entered his flatmate who wanted to join a gym for a short period but was charged an unbelievable amount for three months. This got Devi thinking and dug deeper only to uncover some astonishing facts. He found that most of the gyms operated at their full potential for only four out the seventeen hours that they operated. He also found that gym culture in India was lowest among Asian ountries at 0.4%. Equipped with these insights, he contacted his former colleague Avijeet and they started on their Journey.

The BYG app is currently available on Google Play store for free and already has over 5000 downloads. The startup has engaged more than 700 fitness centres and is operational in 5 cities namely Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Bhubaneshwar and Pune. The app that was launched in late January this year already boasts of having 4500+ customers with 80% of the customers who have multiple transactions. The platform is adding 10 centres each day and charging 20% as fees. No user fee is charged and the platform remains free for customers. Along with Gym facility, the app also lets user join Yoga, Zumba, Crossfit, Martial Arts, and sporting activities like swimming, skating, and Kids Zone, which offers sports coaching and summer classes. It is also planning to introduce sports coaches and freelance personal trainers onto the platform over the next three months that would allow these trainers to visit deferent centres and train customers.

The company plans to raise additional funds of 2 crores to compete with rivals such as Gympik or Playnlive. In the coming seven to eight months, the firm aims to have 2,000 fitness centres on its platforms along with some 10,000 freelance trainers to cater to its expected base of 2 lakh customers. It aims at improving customer’s health by organising fitness events in all the cities to motivate the customers. The ultimate aim is to monitor the health levels of every single user by integrating the app into wearable device.



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