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Locanix a logistics IoT startup has raised funding

Locanix an Ahmedabad based logistics IoT startup has raised a funding of Rs 2 crore from senior executives at Goldman Sachs and CISCO a technology company. The funds will be utilised to scale up the business.

It was established in 2013 by Ruchit Surati  It provide logistics solutions based on Internet of Things. It uses GPS based tracking solutions which helps in improving security, safety and operational efficiency.

It’s client includes companies such as Amul, Sadbhav Engineering and DSK Toyota. It has partnered with Mahindra & Mahindra’s truck and bus division.

Locanix provides four solution including Smart Fleet, Track-N-Trace, Temperature Monitoring and Fuel Monitoring. Smart Fleet is a suite of advanced GPS tracking solutions to optimize fleet whereas Track-N-Trace equips fleet.

It solutions are based on cost saving by understanding operational concerns around fuel utilization in vehicles. Its temperature monitoring service is for various types of cargo requiring specific temperatures maintained to avoid being damaged.

For uninterrupted services it claims to be using the most reliable software and hardware. It’s services are differentiated by providing superior customer services and to make its customer experience among the best in the industry.


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