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Karnataka Govt to boost Startup Culture with Booster Kit

The young Karnataka IT minister Priyank Kharge, has announced the government’s new plans of investing into start-ups that have a well devised business idea. The decision is aimed at boosting entrepreneurship spirit in the state that is already ahead in terms of business minded youth trying to make a name for themselves. While attending an event by Global Mobile App Summit and Awards (GMASA), Kharge said “The state government is amending a new start-up policy, and therefore, I welcome you to send in your suggestions. We are coming up with a start-up booster kit where companies can register their start-up with Karnataka Biotechnology and Information Technology Services (KBITS).”

Kharge, who is just 37 years of age, has tried to start business of his own and he said that he understands the problems that a new business can face and the government is trying their best to make things easier for them. The government will provide up-to 50 lakhs of funds along with the required business, legal and financial advice that will be required by the business. The government will provide the business with subsidised high speed internet, incubator facilities, subsidised licence products and mentor facility as well. In an interview with YS, Priyank said “Anyone with a good idea can register with the Karnataka Startup Cell. Once the idea is approved, we will fund them. At this stage, they can choose to sit at any place of their choice – either work from their homes, from garages or even on the move from a laptop! This will be a game changer as we understand that it may sometimes be a problem to sit around at government incubation centres”

Priyank said that technology can help a lot in boosting travel and tourism for the state and the sector is largely untapped as of now. He said that he has reserved a small amount of 5 crores for start-ups in this particular sector only. As for the future, he said that they will try to mka eKArnatak a hub for gaming and animation in the world.

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