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Is Startup answer to India’s Brain Drain Problem?

Brain drain is the phenomenon where a country’s educated youth leaves the country to go abroad. The reason behind this can vary from lack of security in the home country to lack of opportunities for one’s future. The most common reason for people to go abroad is for higher studies and then settling there. India has faced this problem for several decades now with its most qualified youth from top colleges going abroad and settling there. But with the dawn of this new era, this episode seems to be reversing.

According to the talent hiring firm Meditrack, the start-ups in India will be hiring over 3 lakh employees by the year 2020. With start-up culture on its boom, many of India’s top minds are returning to the subcontinent to explore opportunities here are they feel that India is currently the land of opportunities. The jobs in the country that were usually very mundane and not at all allow a person to implement things is something that made top minds opt for a foreign firm. But with the emergence of start-up culture, there is a new chapter to be seen in the Indian job industries. One such example of people ditching Silicon Valley jobs for a position in the country is that of Tanmay Saksena, an IIT Kanpur graduate who went to states for better job prospects. Tanmay has now returned to the country and is working with Zomato as the Head of Online ordering.

“With the coming of start-ups, the jobs that were very bucketed in India are getting disrupted” said Tanmay.

Another such example is of Sachin Kanodia, Senior VP Technology, InMobi. Sachin went to states after getting his degree form IIT Roorkee and worked with several start-ups in Silicon Valley for about 14 years. He got in touch with his friend about moving back to India when he suggested him to work for InMobi. Now Sachin is working out of company’s Bangalore office. He says the decision of coming back wasn’t hard for him.

“If you look at the people I work with, the talent around you, the energy, the zeal; I don’t see any difference (from a Silicon Valley company)” said Sachin.

Praneet Gupta, Recruitment Head at Zomato believes that it is a win-win situation for the individual joining the company as well as the company itself. He says that an individual that comes is Silicon Valley is has experience and the technical skills to take the company to next level and they are paid handsomely for their contribution.

With start-up culture on a rise and start-ups looking to hire talented expats, the people are very eager to come back home and work here in local companies than settle abroad.

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