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Inventus capital, HR fund invested in Knolskape

Knolskape a Bangalore based software company had raised Series A funding from Inventus Capital Partners, a US- India venture firm and the HR fund making new entrepreneurs successful. The investment will be utilized to expand product innovation and building global partnership in international market.

Rajiv Jayaraman founded Knolskape 2008, it is a simulation and gamification software company which focused on providing solution and products for talent transformation. It is currently operating in Singapore and India. Its aim is to help the organisation grown, attract and retain their talent. The company’s website claims it has 117875 learners and have organized over 4715 workshops till date.  


Utkarsh Joshi, principal of the HR Fund said

“Already, global corporations have used it in areas such as customer engagement, loyalty programmes, sales, and are extending it to their internal operations and employees. In India, adoption is often hindered by conventionally ingrained attitudes towards use of such tools at the workplace. But of late, gamification is being adopted by various corporates to engage the younger workforce,”

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