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Intelle Grow raises Rs 134cr funding

Now days most of business fail because of lack of funding. Lack of funding turns to be one of the common reasons. Money is the bloodline of any business. That’s why almost every business, entrepreneurs find themselves asking – From where I would find the fund ? IntelleGrow a finance company must be a angel for these companies.

IntelleGrow Finance Pvt. Ltd.

Chairman – Mr Vineet Rai

Founded – 2010

Intellegrow is an Intellecap Enterprises

IntelleGrow is a Mumbai based venture debt company. IntelleGrow lends to small and growing businesses with positive social or environmental impact, across 6 sectors (agricultural supply chain, clean energy, education, financial inclusion, affordable healthcare, water & sanitation).

IntelleGrow is promoted  by Intellecap  group, is a lending platform providing cash flow based debt product to early stage, high risk, high growth under banked companies in India. IntelleGrow facilitated the business relationship .

Intelle grow raises 134cr Funding

  • Mumbai based Venture debt financier IntelleGrow has raised Rs. 134 crore in equity and long-term debt from its investors – Omidyar Network, Triodos, Developing World Markets, Calvert Foundation and Overseas Private Investment Corp.
  • According to Hindu reports :- Vineet Rai, Chairman of IntelleGrow said

“Indian early stage ecosystem has been starved of quality debt providers who could offer cash flow based lending. IntelleGrow pioneered this concept with an impact thesis and the current fund raise would allow us to provide substantial funds to start up ecosystem in India.”

  • Nitin Agarwal, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of IntelleGrow said

“We are delighted to have reputed global investors such as Triodos and DWM join us to support our mission. We believe our emerging partnership with OPIC and Calvert Foundation will strengthen our ability to support more enterprises in India.”

IntelleGrow is designed to provide debt support to businesses at an early growth stage by adopting viability based lending approach. Every Company need financial support of funds and these plays a vital role in financial growth .

IntelleGrow has so far funded 100 enterprises across various emerging themes and its portfolio include cutting edge technology startup such as SEDEMAC, ATM management company Electronic Payment System, and ophthalmologic companies such as EYE-Q. The unique model of IntelleGrow encompasses funding to the enterprises at all stages of Growth, both directly and indirectly.


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