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Importance of Mentor in a Startup

It will be hard to imagine what Luke Skywalker would have been without the mentorship of Obi-wan or where Batman would have been without the direction of Ra’s al Ghul. It was them who showed the way of excellence to these remarkable icons. It is not just in fantasy that mentorship and mentors are important. There are a great many reasons why having a mentor is beneficial for a start-up company as well. We mention a few of the reasons why start-ups should look for mentors.

Many start-ups are started by individuals that have no prior experience in the field of management, marketing or finance. They have a great idea but no direction to put that idea to use. A mentor with his years of experience can help fix this problem and guide the company in the right direction.

A mentor can help in bridging the gap between your company and you’re your first potential investor. He can help you balance the pros and cons of various propositions and save you from taking decisions that could be harmful for your organisation in the long run.

A mentor can provide you with an unbiased outer opinion about your plan and can also help you to understand how a campaign will go down with the public. He can inject a fresh opinion and give insights which you as the owner and founder will never be able to spot. He will be able to point the flaws in your business idea or to any specific aspect that you might have omitted.

He will be crucial in your transformation from a young entrepreneur to a master businessman. He will mould you like a potter moulds his earthen pot to give it the right shape. He will introduce you the intricacies of business and your target market.

With so much to offer, a mentor will indeed be a boon to any organisation and will prove to be indispensable but it is important to make your choice correctly.

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