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Importance of Marketing for Startups

At the beginning of every start-up, the main goal of the team is to get the product up and running which is followed by perfecting the product offered. It is indeed the right decision to develop a fine product but in the quest of providing your customer with the best, you should not forget that first there HAS to be a customer. In the current scenario, if you are not able to communicate your product, however good it may be, you’ll end up failing. And the gap between you and your prospective customers is bridged by Marketing.

In today’s dynamic market scenario, Marketing has become an important part of the whole business strategy. With the emergence of new spheres like social media and a new generation of people who look more than ever ready to accept out of the box ideas, handling the marketing campaign of your enterprise on your own doesn’t seem to be a good idea. You might assume that posting about your business to a few groups or putting updates on your profile or tweeting with some useful hashtags might drive traffic to your business and put your business in the limelight that you always thought it deserved but it’s sadly not the case.

Marketing is as complex as handling financial matters of your enterprise and if you’re not shying away from consulting a financial expert than why not consult a marketing expert too. A digital marketing service include attracting, engaging and converting customers for your business. It uses a combination of SEO, content marketing, digital marketing, social media and online advertising to connect your business with your customers. It becomes very difficult for an entrepreneur to handle all these things. On asking Poitr Zaniewicz, founder, Righthello.com, as to what might be considered as the most powerful marketing tool for start-ups, he was quick to respond that there are many tools in the market but what creates the difference the person handling them i.e. a creative marketer. Poitr’s firm has helped b2b companies do cold email and scale outbound sales.

Marketing in today’s time, especially Digital marketing, should be on the priority list of all the business, small or large, as without a successful marketing campaign, you cannot hope to start a successful business.

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