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How To Build a Perfect Culture for Startup Success

We are talking about startup culture…. Startup culture as according to me is one that  allows flexibility in work and shifts in different roles. The culture of high value work, independence and career flexibility is attracting young minds in droves, and entrepreneurs and are sparing no efforts in ensuring that their employees match the personalities of their companies.” From the hiring processes to workplace practices, startups are looking to imbibe their culture in every step.

Even highly qualified and capable executives are also struggling to fit in.  Potential hires are required to take a ‘culture fit’ test so the startup gets employees with the right attitude to match its outlook. “We look for people who are direct, confident, and almost perverse.The attitude shouId be ; I only like people who can argue with me and question me,”

Career flexibility that startups afford is the biggest attraction for many employees. “There is a lot more independence and value for work at a startup than in a big corporation riddled with bureaucracy” . culture is about behavior not policies or perks.

The culture we’re looking for is incredible team players, which means very low ego, very focused, able to get things done, they don’t blame other people.  The culture of the company is embodied by how people treat each other. The embodiment is seen in the day-to-day interactions of employees, and it could be in compensation, promotions and rewards.

I  think, the single most important attribute that I look for in employees… is respect.          and respect for everyone in the organization. Being a senior person does not in any way give you the right to be disrespectful to a junior person .

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