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How I made 70k$ from SEOclerks in 1 year?

How i made 70k$ from SEOclerks in 1 year

SEO Clerks- A freelancing company for bloggers and internet marketers offering SEO services and few other small jobs for a certain amount. It connect customers with freelancers. A user can sell anything related to SEO or Social Networks and make an easy money. With White Hat SEO, you can bring in the desire traffic with the money earned to receive a good ranking as well.

It was started by Jordan Delozier with an idea to provide a platform where buyers can buy the required services and their money is hold to a third party which is trusted and after the buyer is happy with the services, payment is released to the seller.

Few services included in SEO includes

  • Article writing
  • Create Backlinks
  • Translation
  • Graphic Design
  • Resolve WordPress issues
  • Web Designers
  • Design or placing banner ads
  • Programmers

SEO Clerks works as a perfect alternative for various websites including

  • Fiverr.com
  • Gighours.com
  • FiverUp.com
  • Zeerk.com
  • Projectforhire.com
  • Fourerr.com
  • Gigclerk.com
  • PeoplePerHour.com
  • Socialhawkers
  • Gigbucks.com

How to Make money with SEOClerks

  • Go to SEOClerks Signup page.
  • Click the join link and enter your details
  • Verify your account

How does SEO Clerks work?

For Buyers- Finding a service

Buyers can find the services they are looking for simply by logging into SEOClerks.com, buyers can choose from various categories and order gig accordingly. If the services a buyer required is not available then they can create a want to buy request where the sellers will bid on your service. Once buyer selects the bid of the selected seller, seller must complete the task in given time in order to get paid.

For Sellers- Create a service

Every seller has a particular skill which they include in their type of service they provide. In order to sell their service seller must be brief about the services they want to offer for a better understanding to the buyer. For a seller it is very important to show their skills.

Seller can select the following categories for selling

  • Software
  • Article
  • Theme
  • Blog reviews
  • eBook
  • Theme
  • Service

After this create a gig, including the title, description and price for your services, make sure it looks attractive. If you are not sure about the services you should provide then try the WTB- Want to buy post and bid, if the buyer selects your bid then you have to deliver the project in the required time in order to get paid.

The buyer will rate your service based on your work, so in order to receive good rating, make sure you provide quality services and maintain good communication with the buyer.

Levels of SEOClerks

There are 6 different levels by SEOClerks for their members.

  • Level 1 is the basic level every user will have to start after logging into SEOClerks.com. In order to upgrade their level, one will need to complete the several requirements which are given below.
  • In order to get promoted to Level 2, users should have 90% or above satisfaction rating and have completed 10 affiliate sales, orders or purchases on time.
  • In order to get promoted to Level 3, users should have 90% or above satisfaction rating and have completed 25 affiliate sales, orders or purchases on time.
  • In order to get promoted to Level 4, users should have 95% or above satisfaction rating and have completed 50 affiliate sales, 100 orders or purchases on time.
  • In order to get promoted to Level 5, users should have 97% or above satisfaction rating and have completed 100 affiliate sales, 250 orders or purchases on time.
  • In order to get promoted to Level X, users should be at level 3 or above as well as affiliate and this level is picked by the SEOClerks staff itself.

Payment Proof


Payment Method

When it comes to payment, many users don’t feel trusted with the site at first, but let me assure you payment is never a problem when it comes to SEOClerks, all you have to do is login in your account and receive you payment. Payment is received via Payza or Paypal. Don’t worry if you’re not having on any of these two, you can use your profile email to receive the payments.

It also has a affiliate program which allows the users to make money by becoming affiliate and promoting services. Whenever someone who is referred by you buys a service, you will receive a lifetime pay of 10% in every purchase they make.

Being clever is the key to earn some extra cash. Here are some tips to follow in order to make some good money.

  • Make your gig unique and attractive which will force the buyer to purchase your gig. Provide them guarantees and deadline for the services and refund their money as well in case you fail to reach the deadline.
  • Share the links on social media and your website, add a review about your gig on your website to increase the sales.
  • Be an affiliate SEOclerks in order to generate traffic on your gig.
  • Set your price after going through the market. You should be well aware of your competitors and provide the best price for your services.
  • Offer discounts on your services
  • Purchase featured post which will make your gig published at the top of the first page.


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