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How are startups changing the traditional hiring scenario

A start-up works differently than a traditional company in tonnes of ways. They have a laid back work culture, unconventional workspace, different ways to approach daily task and many other. One such important area where the start-ups differ from traditional companies is the hiring. A start-up will be hiring a large number of employees according to a report on NDTV and as innovative they are in their ideas and there working, they have started hiring workforce innovatively and intelligently.

Many start-ups, instead of going for traditional methods, are opting for speed test to gauge the applicant’s strength and weakness. The test asses the applicant in various areas including cognitive skills. According to the developer of one such test, cognitive skills are the most important skills that an applicant should have in order to perform on any job. This has put the recruitment process, which otherwise is a very long and tedious affair, in the fast lane. Ola is one such start-up that has adopted this system of recruitment.

“Time is essence. None of us have time, so instead of doing it the old way where you get a lot of people to your offices and then have a larger funnel and a shorter result, this is a fast way of screening people and that is why we are going for this.” said Amit Mathur, Director and Head of Acquisition at Ola cabs in an interview with NDTV news channel.

Specially designed for start-ups who are expanding at a rapid rate in new cities every day and hiring a large number of work force to meet its demands, this speed test method of hiring is gaining popularity among the start-ups.

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