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GHV Launches Fund for Startups


Greenhouse Ventures is a newly started Accelerator which will be based out of Gurgaon, near Delhi. GHV was started by serial entrepreneur and IAN member, Vikram Upadhyaya. It provides mentorship, along with a capital of $100K, and a controlled environment for the startups. It also helps startups focus their energies on the core activities of their ventures, such as product strengthening and achieving growth metrics.

GHV Accelerator has announced a strategic tie up with World Innovation Labs (WiL) and onboarding of Makoto Takano (ex-President of PIMCO Japan) as a Board Member. With these strategic tie ups, the trio has announced the launch of a Rs 350 crore fund for Indian startups.

Makoto Takano is the founder of MT Partners K.K, whose core area of focus is investing and management operation of ventures. Currently, MT Partners assists 14 Companies including atomixmedia, inc., where Makoto Takano serves as CEO. On this alliance, he said, “India is a bullish economy and I am excited to be a part of many success stories from India, that we intend to create over time.”

Vikram Upadhyaya, Entrepreneur Evangelist and Chief Mentor, GHV said

“Only 1 per cent startups are successfully able to achieve a Series A or VC funding. Most accelerator programs help companies get past the POC (Proof of Concept) stage, and then leave the startups to fend for themselves while raising growth-capital. As an angel investor, I had felt this need gap for my portfolio companies and hence realised the need of GHV program so that we identify high-potential startups and nurture them to be ready for Series A funding.”

About 350 startups have shown interest in this declaration made by GHV Accelerator. Out of these, 10 will be shortlisted over the next ten months. The chosen startups will benefit from this immensely because they will work in a controlled environment where specific functions like human resource (HR), finance, market research will be provided by a set of predefined vendors identified by GHV.


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