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Fynd launches Flashpay, revolutionizing one-touch payment

Fynd is a mobile shopping app that helps you discover and buy lifestyle products from brand stores around you so basically it is nearby fashion shopping app. Harsh shah is the co-founder of Fynd. It is Mumbai-based app and  has  the latest way for fashion shopping from the nearby brand stores using your smartphone.

Fynding is pretty easy, just open the app and browse through our handpicked collections or your favorite brands. Order the products you like and we will get it delivered superfast from your nearestest.With Fynd, you can discover the latest fashion trends, follow your favorite brands and get useful fashion tips.

Fynd’s superfast delivery network ensures that your order gets delivered within a few hours.

Fynd is backed by Kae Capital, Powai Lake Ventures, Kunal Bahl & Rohit Bansal (Snapdeal founders) among others.

Fynd has already got more than 50,000 downloads with a consistent user rating of 4.3/5 on Google Play Store.

Generally, To make a better payment process without any complications, the team at Fynd took up a challenge to optimise its payment process to resonate with its core product offering – Superfast Delivery

The team realised that though the entire shopping experience on Fynd was seamless, the checkout process was long and tedious.

Debajit Sardar, UI Designer for the Fynd shares

We set out to design the fastest mobile payment experience around. We wanted the entire process to take no more than 30 seconds. It was a highly ambitious project. After tons of research, design iterations and countless anxious nights, we’ve finally accomplished what we had set out to build.”


Fynd has announce the launch of Flashpay- a revolutionary mobile payment feature which is not  seamless and no complecations.

Kushan Shah, Platform Engineer for Fynd said

Migrating from our earlier payments flow to Flashpay required a lot of rewiring of our back-end infrastructure. But once we built it and saw how it radically enabled customers to checkout in one tap, the team was extremely satisfied with the efforts we put into it.”

The long payment step process used earlier has been brought down to a sleek 2-step checkout.

After much consideration, the Fynd team finally zeroed in on the name FLASHPAY. The hardest part was to design an identity for Flashpay. The team wanted to play around “Flash” and “Money” for it to go well with the name and finally zeroed in on this.

After two months of craziness, the Fynd team has released this feature on the app.

The team now is relentlessly working towards improving the shopping experience on the app and has some really exciting features in the pipeline.


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