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Fall of Indian Ventures: Time to rethink!

Speaking about successful start-up we often miss the time test factor. Every start up becomes successful only if is able to withstand the time. And in case of Indian start-ups we have seen this fails and this becomes a reason for the big funding houses to think twice before putting the money forward. But how and why such sort of failures is seen?



The first time when we think of a start up to be successful we ignore the real-time future position instead we use the capital strike, technology used and many other irrelevant factors. By doing this we are completely unaware of what is going to hit us in future. Ignoring competitions and the increasing availability of technology is going to hit our ventures for sure.



Having base level deadlock creates much trouble when it comes to Indian ventures. To be really hard on this part Indian ventures are usually hit by egoistic clashes inside the venture itself. To curb them we had never thought of any action plan and this is for sure getting a potential business down. In an observatory research these things have had shown up. It is really hard to believe but it is happening out there.



Bad communication skills might seem like a funny matter as one may question “How come you have poor communication when you are dealing with so much money?” Honestly, dealing with money is not a problem but dealing with the funding people is a problem. Many ventures just slipped out because they weren’t able to convey the point to the funding guy. They tried hard to put forward their view but no, they had so much technical terms in that the funder didn’t understand a word. That’s why you always need a good communicator in your group and if you don’t have one, develop the skill!


Boon of loss

Considering the losses as a benchmark for success going by the quotations of great men, there seems to be point where you need to understand this loss is going out of hand. Having losses is a part of your ups and downs but before it starts taking toll and we need to stop it. In this aspect many people just giveaway saying that Facebook, Microsoft, Apple etc. suffered a loss and now they are shining but we need to understand that they took off because they tried to find out where they went wrong and they took much more powerful measures to stop them. Having inspiration is good but we need to know the right method about how those minds changed their losses to profits.


Therefore let us look into what is more practical rather than going into what has been done before. Always look for right opportunities and never let go until you do the right thing.

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