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Exotel – Cloud telecom company plans to invest $10 million in the next 2 years

Exotel- A Bangalore based Cloud telephony company for building their software applications Exotel have to make its tools and rules. Exotel is planning to go global in the southeast Asian market with a foray into singapore, indonesia and malaysia. For the next 2 years an initial investment of $10 million is planned, majority of the amount will be spent on operational and sales.

Shivakumar Ganesan, co-founder and CEO at Exotel said

“We are going to be adopting a developer-first approach globally. As a behind-the-scenes ecosystem enabler, we will also support early-stage startups by offering them Exotel for free,” 

Shivakumar Ganesan also said

“When we were thinking of our expansion plans, we first wanted to target markets similar to India. Both in terms of culture and population, Southeast Asia is therefore the logical first step. The propensity of people to use the service of tech-enabled companies in this region to go about the daily lives, is high. In India, we estimate that people in the metros use tech-enabled services 0.27 times a day. This tech-enabled service could be anything ranging from booking a cab to ordering a meal online to buying something from an ecommerce website,”

How It works ??

Exotel’s headqaurters for Exotel’s Southeast Asia operations will be Singapore. Their aim is to customers related to business talk with accountability, tracking and privacy intact. Exotel solve the problems related to Managing calls and SMS from customers. Exotel labs- A research division launched by Exotel. The team will consist of researchers specialized in learning machines, signal processing and data mining to solve the major problems in the domains of data mining, vocie and apeech analysis and machine learning.

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