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EverlyWell Raises $2.5 Million for Diagnostics Testing at Home

No need to take time out of your busy schedule to drag yourself to that dingy lab. EveryWell is the Austin-based company is led by CEO Julia Cheek, who recently moved to Austin from Dallas. The startup has six employees and its headquarters is at West 6th Street and Guadalupe. EverlyWell is, a provider of online health tests and releases three new test kits to check users’ heart health, metabolism, and inflammation levels.

It provides at-home health tests that you can order directly through their website.

The company also ships the kit to your home and after sending your sample to an EverlyWell lab, you receive your clear results online within a few days.

EverlyWell CEO and co-founder Julia Cheek says that

“We are excited to introduce these three panels that empower consumers with knowledge about important health biomarkers like cholesterol, vitamin D, and thyroid function,” says and  also each of our test panels are designed to provide meaningful information on specific health issues, and we are excited to introduce these kits that make testing so easy and actionable for consumers.”

The company is creating diagnostics tests for food sensitivity, fertility, hormone health and more aimed at consumers. The kits are mailed to consumers’ homes with instructions on completing the test and mailing it back. Kit samples are collected via pinprick dried blood spot, saliva or urine. Once the lab receives the test and processes it within a few days, the results and data are transmitted to the consumer electronically in an easy to read format. All of the testing is done without a lab or doctor’s visit in the privacy of the person’s home.

To analyze its tests, EverlyWell is partnering with CLIA-certified laboratories and a national physician network to review customer results.

The personalized medicine market is predicted to hit a global worth of $149 billion by 2020, driven by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.74%.

EverlyWell Raises $2.5 Million for Diagnostics Testing at Home

EveryWell announced on 26 July 2016 that is has raised $2.5 million in seed funding and launched a beta test of its at-home healthcare diagnostics tests.

EverlyWell’s vision is to provide convenient, accessible tests to consumers with results that they can understand. Their Mission is to empower consumers with easy access to health data by creating an innovative consumer experience around health and wellness testing, From a confusing process to an easy and meaningful user experience, Everywell has transformed testing. They  provide health data and clear results to the person.


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