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Entrepreneurs launch web series and online reality programmes

Yes, it’s all about startups these days. It is every young businessman’s dream, the epitome of creativity, the best way to put an innovative idea to good use. The startup craze has now been taken to the next level. There have been many newly launched web series and even reality programmes centered around startups.

Deepak Nath, vice president of marketing at SABMiller India said

“Today, almost everyone wants to become an entrepreneur (and)… content about startups is especially exciting for viewers who get to learn more about the industry and the dos and don’ts from a reality programme like ‘Hauslay Ki Udaan’.”

The company is the main sponsor of the show through its beer brand Haywards 5000.  India’s first startup reality programme, ‘Hauslay Ki Udaan’ provides seed funding to the winner, in the process documenting the struggle of entrepreneurs to get an idea noticed is one of a kind. In the first season, the programme, webcast on YouTube, received more than 40,000 applications and got about 64-lakh viewers. The winner won Rs 15 lakh for a startup called ‘Bina Dudh Ki Dairy’, which uses the excreta of animals like cows to create eco-friendly mosquito coils, biogas, flower pots and even distilled cow urine.

Jehil Thakkar, media and entertainment head at KPMG said

“Creating digital content around the startup culture is a popular trend because it’s very topical and interesting for the youth and business community.”

Another such web series is “The Weekly Start-up Show” by Denture Capital which airs an episode on YouTube every Friday at 9 p.m. covering different aspects of India’s startup ecosystem — on the Uber-Ola rivalry; episodes simplifying Bitcoin and India’s startup policies; and features little known startups’ apps. Another such show is “Pitchers” by The Viral Fever(TVF) with Arunabh Kumar as its CEO and founder. The idea for ‘Pitchers’ first came to Kumar in mid-2012, while brainstorming with his team about what kind of long-form content they could create. Having visited Bangalore twice in previous years, where he’d observed twenty-somethings sitting at pubs and bars in the afternoon and discuss business ideas over multiple pitchers of beer, the concept of making a web-series that took an irreverent look at the world of would-be entrepreneurs intrigued him.

Although these series have started gaining viewership, the concept comes with its own set of problems mainly related to monetization. Most companies will not be able to profit from digital media content at this stage because the revenue numbers are low. Even popular series have a hard time. It’s a targeted audience size and viewership is slowly picking up.

Startup content creation as a core business still has a long way to go. Meanwhile, do check out these shows and podcasts next time you go to YouTube. Gain some knowledge with a dose a fun!

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