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EdTechReview an EdTech startup has raised funding from EVC Ventures

EdTechReview a Delhi based EdTech media platform and community has raised an undisclosed amount of Pre-Series A round funding from EVC Ventures. Anjli Jain Managing Partner at EVC Ventures led this round. The funds will be use to expand its activities in different cities in India and to make education community stronger.

It was founded by Utkarsh Lokesh, Divya Prakash, Saransh Garg and Shantanu Rana in 2012. A communitiy involved in education technology to collaborate and connect both offline and online to learn, discover, share and utilise the best way the technology can help in improving teaching and learning.

Utkarsh Lokesh co-founder and CEO of EdTechReview said,

“On one side, there are a hundreds of edtech startups and companies (both Indian and foreign) itching to understand the Indian education system, and on the other there are thousands of educators looking to take their practices to the next level using various technologies, so we see EdTechReview as the only organisation playing a key role here in bridging this gap between two set of stakeholders. We want to put our experience of working with hundreds of institutions and edtech, e-learning companies to use, by creating a strong forward thinking community in India.”

The startup has grown into an online education media platform for education stakeholders to find useful information, news & resources on education technology. The startup claims to be serving more than 60k active subscribers, working and engaging with more than 1000 k-12 & higher education institutions through training, events, consultation and professional development.

Before expanding to other cities it will focus on operating in 2 offices in Delhi & Gurgaon. In the next 6 month it aims to strengthen its operation through various niche products, conference and events.


Anjli Jain Managing Partner at EVC Ventures said,

“EdTechReview is leading the way in building and bringing the education, technology and entrepreneurship community together involving various stakeholders. Our funding will help EdTechReview launch various new initiatives for this education technology community and we are glad to support this. We have seen EdTechReview becoming a key resource for the edtech market, hence we are excited to help Utkarsh and the EdTechReview team continue developing niche and innovative events, technology and services for this fast-growing edtech market.”

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