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Delhi-NCR is most funded city in 2016

  • Delhi is a veritable gold mine, When you visit Delhi you would find it to be a fusion of ancient traditions and modern lifestyles.
  • Delhi, New Delhi, NCR , there is one constant in this city of 13 million people. Money doesn’t whisper – it roars. Delhi –NCR is today ‘s  India’s most fastest  growing city.
  • Delhi has very high influence levels today.
  • In 2001 The city attracted a staggering 53 per cent of the foreign direct investment inflows.

It’s also marching for India’s new economy by hosting 41 per cent of the units engaged in the call center and back office business.

Delhi- NCR  –  individualistic, entrepreneurial, and rich.

Delhi-NCR is most funded city in 2016

According to the reports ‘Delhi-NCR has emerged as the most funded city in 2016’.

  • In the first six months of 2016, Indian startups raised $1.8 billion, out of which Delhi-NCR received $917 million. This was helped by $250 million and $200 million funding raised in February by Gurgaon-based Ibibo Group and Delhi-based Snapdeal respectively.
  • Out of top 10 funding rounds this year, six were raised by e-commerce companies, four of which were based out of Bengaluru.

Neha Singh – The Co-founder of Tracxn (startup analys reports  )

“Delhi-NCR has a disproportionate number of e-commerce startups. E-commerce is a mature sector and most of these companies were raising later stage funding rounds,”

  • Most of other city are more into technology –centric startups.
  • However, the number of funding deals rose to 402, from 324 last year. This signifies that the space is seeing a correction in the investment size and not in the general attractiveness of Indian startups.
  • The space is seeing a correction in the investment size.

Nitin Sharma, principal at venture fund Lightbox Ventures, said

“this was a good sign for the ecosystem since the angel, seed, pre-series A round funding flow is still healthy. A correction was bound to happen since the funding had expanded almost eight to nine times between 2013 and 2015, faster than what the ecosystem could absorb efficiently and sustainable. It’s a good time to invest.”



As per the studies, compare to 2015, it finds that Delhi –NCR has emerged and  Bengaluru was the second most funded, the study also finds that Ahmedabad, Chennai, and Jaipur are emerging as new startup hubs. These  three cities has  raised $34 million and accounted for 30 deals this year.

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