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Commerce Ministry Launches E- Marketplace For Goods Procurement

E-commerce market is likely to grow tenfold in next five years to reach $100 billion on the back of increasing penetration of Internet, smartphones and spread of digital network in rural areas.

Recently The Commerce Ministry  has launched an e- marketplace  for online purchase of goods and services by various central government ministries and departments. The Directorate General of Supplies and Disposals (DGS&D) has developed the portal for the purpose

Nirmala Sitharaman (Commerce and Industry Minister)  told

The Department of Electronics and IT has also played a very big role in this. What they have done is to start with on those regularly purchasable items which the various government departments will need. They are just putting it on their portal

As per the sources:-

 If one wants a particular specification of a computer, various brands and specifications are available at the portal with cost. Through this portal all the government departments and ministries can procure goods, the prices are going to be there, it is for you to say how many units you want.

It is necessary to upload the demands of common user goods and services required by government buyers. This would help aggregate demand, which will lead to lower prices, better choices and faster procurement.

The move is aimed at bringing in more transparency and the government procurement of goods and services. The department, which is under the Commerce Ministry, carries out the procurement.

This is one way to make government procurement absolutely transparent.

Another step towards a digital India .


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