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Co working trend in Delhi

Startups are cropping up everywhere, everyday. The market is expanding, opportunities are increasing but that does not mean that resources would increase too. Startups still struggle to operate due to lack of resources. One of the major resources that prove to be costly is renting or owning office spaces. It is very costly and not affordable for many entrepreneurs who have just started out.


The launch of many coworking spaces have helped these budding entrepreneurs find some stability in terms of work space. For instance, 91springboard is one of the oldest co-working destinations for entrepreneurs and freelancers in Delhi NCR. It provides all the basic amenities like wifi-internet, photo scanning and conference rooms with projectors. Along with this they also cater basic pantry items like tea, coffee, water. They have a bunch of plans from which an organization can choose, according to their requirements. The membership cost starts Rs 7499 per person per month which gives access to all facilities 24/7. Just like this there are many other co working spaces like Investopad, innov8 and so on.


In Delhi, coworking spaces are not just limited to these. Many cafes have now reserved areas especially for co working. Places like Social Offline and Flyp@MTV were regular cafes with upto 50% seats lying unused during the day. Now these cafe-cum-coworking hubs transform into full-blown bars only post 6 pm. Till then, you can work out of here for a fee of 5,000 bucks a month. For that you they offer quite a lot. Unlimited free tea/coffee, free web hosting, some discount vouchers, IT support and 15% discount on legal services. Free mentorship and networking sessions, and even the monthly fee is redeemable on food and drinks


These have helped a lot of startups avoid the expenses of renting or purchasing office spaces and use the resources for the business to grow.


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