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Citrus Pay has recently launched “Sellfie”

Todays’s Techno smart world, everyone knows how to use internet. The Technology world has changed so fast during this era. Pretty much everyone in the developed world today has at least passing knowledge of how to use the Internet. From a consumer perspective, using the Internet might be as simple as logging your iPad into a wireless network in a coffee shop, then opening a Web browser.

E-commerce world  has evolved worldwide, everyone is shopping more on online and there is no tension for payment, you can now give wherever you are. There are so many payment option are available.

A Payment gateway is an e-commerce application service provider service that authorizes online payments.


Founder :- Jitendra Gupta

Managing Director :- Amrish Rau

  • Citrus pay has changed world’s Largest e-commerce firm –amazon when arrived in India, their IT team approved Citrus Pay’s technology to manage the check-out process for consumers.
  • Since then, Citrus Pay has largely cover the e-commerce firms and signed up with 10,000 + merchants and manages, which is  around 12 per cent of the Internet commerce market, valued at $24 billion, in the country.
  • It handles a total Gross Business Value of $2.2 billion (or Rs 14,000 crore).
  • The company has defined its revenue and solution stream into four roots  :-
  1. Airlines: About seven airline companies use the payments stack of Citrus Pay to handle multi-currency payments on a global scale.
  2. Marketplaces: It works with several e-commerce market places to offer a payments stack with services such as split payments, network wallets, full checkout.
  3. Offline to Online payments: Citrus Pay offers mobile software development kits to merchants who serve their consumers with apps.
  4. Micro Transactions: Enabling chat-based payments


Citrus payments as recently launched new  start up “Sellfie “

  • Citrus Payments recently launched Sellfie, a contextual commerce startup that enables individuals and small businesses to sell and collect payments on social networks and instant messengers using buy buttons, payment links, and chat bots.
  • Sellfie will be able to offer a complete commerce solution to help individuals and small businesses sell on social networks and instant messengers
  • The app also lets sellers to chat with buyers and complete the orders which they had received from multiple channels, all in one place. Addressing the need for both buyer and seller comfort,
  • Sellfie is designed so sellers can collect payments anywhere by creating a unique payment link.
  • The Sellfie’s model of (escrow payments) “buyer protection guarantee” ensures that payments made will be released in seller’s account when the buyers receives the product.


Anish Achuthan, Business Head, Sellfie says :-

“We have invested time and effort in the product to ensure that everything from the user interface to the payment process is simple, easy, and organised. “

Sellfie may soon become the preferred choice for many small business owners changed the e-commerce market worldwide




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