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Should We give up on our Business Goals?


As the year started, I made a mind note, a personal goal, of reading 3 books every month. Things went well for the first month but soon the fatigue of continuous reading got hold of me. But I am a hard egg to crack, I persisted with my goal and …

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O2O- Trending Technology


How would you react if you were told that you could get free talktime by paying nothing extra for your usual restaurant meal? How would you like to get discount vouchers at the best of brands, be it clothing or accessories? Yes, this is not limited to imagination anymore. It …

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How to Define Targets for Startups


Budding entrepreneurs are always keen on launching their startups as soon as possible without dwelling on the basic aspects and issues related to startups. All startups need to define their targets. In the initial stages they have to struggle with a lot of problems which demand greater attention for detail. …

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Best Startups Of The Year 2016!

Urban clap We often find it difficult to look for service providers like carpenter plumber etc. But what if you could get them all in one website? Yes, that’s what the venture called Urban clap is going to provide you with. Founded Abhiraj Bahl, Varun Khaitan, Raghav Chandra the start-up …

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Why someone can’t steal your Start-up idea?


Stealing a start-up idea seems to be a serious business. But in reality an idea can be never be stolen. Any idea is a composition of your research and hard work. And stealing only the idea shall help only answering what to do but not how to do. Other factors …

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Challenges faced by entrepreneurs


  As very well said by Mr. Chris Bailey but also in today’s World Entrepreneurship comes with a host of challenges. Even experienced entrepreneur and inexperienced, both equally faced challenges to establish their brand. To keep your business established and to maintain your success, some challenges may faced by you. …

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What Factors You Should Avoid to Be Successful


What factors You Should Avoid to be Successful   You must have read a lot of pointers advising you on how to achieve success and what to do in order to get your startup going. But here are a few factors that you definitely need to avoid to achieve success …

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Benefits of Cloud Computing for Startups

The invention of Cloud computing has proved to be a blessing for the business industry. The unparalleled independence that Cloud has provided the businesses in terms of infrastructure costs and choices are unquantifiable. Businesses, especially small and medium sized businesses, which usually face the problem of monetary crunch, are the …

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How to Build a Reputation for Your Startup

Reputation for startup

An entrepreneur’s major concern is building a reputation. Since the organization is still in its nascent stages, it can be quite challenging to influence people positively and build your brand’s image. But don’t fret, here are 5 tips that can help you manage your reputation well and mould peoples perception. …

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10 tips of successful startup     Think and Write-  You have to be very clear about your aim and place where you have to start and what to start. Things need to be very transparent about your start up. Firstly you have to research about the start up topic, …

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