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Importance of Mentor in a Startup


It will be hard to imagine what Luke Skywalker would have been without the mentorship of Obi-wan or where Batman would have been without the direction of Ra’s al Ghul. It was them who showed the way of excellence to these remarkable icons. It is not just in fantasy that …

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Common Financial Mistakes Startups Make


In a study a large number of startups, it was found that  50%of failed fell short because they ran out of cash, which is the common reason of failure. Whether on the personal or business front, the pain of poor financial planning cuts deep. Financial management on how to spend …

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Why the Government should support Startups: Nation Building


In our series on “Why the Government should support Start-ups”, we will talk about how the start-ups are helping in building and betterment of the country. The start-ups of today are not just about making money and exploiting the customers and the national resources but also about uplifting the standard …

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Financial blunder an Entrepreneur should avoid


Finance is one of the most important part of a company. A company spends money just to make sure that all its finances are in order. This even more important in start-ups where finances are limited and every single penny is expected to be out to right use. This makes …

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Why the Government should aid startups: Employment


The past few years have been very interesting for the Indian Entrepreneur scene and the country has seen many successful start-ups making their mark, not just on the subcontinent but on the entire world. Flipkart, Snapdeal, Lenskart, Makemytrip are some of the names of the success story that is still …

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Tactics for Successful Marketing


In a previous article on marketing, we talked about the importance of marketing for a business. Marketing has become an indispensable part of a business today. The survival is next to impossible without a sound marketing strategy. Marketing in today’s time not only important communicate your product to the public …

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Why Startups Fail?


There are plenty of researches out there that have pointed out that almost 85% of the start-up fail within their first year and 90% within a two-year span. This is by no means a humble figure with more than half the companies kicking the bucket. One of the major reason …

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Startups to get a chance for designing EVMs!


In order to reduce frauds in the election process, the government has now decided to job out the process of revamping technology in the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM). This time it has offered the process to potential start-ups. It needs to ensure fool proof system wherein the system should also …

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How to make a Business Pitch


Pitching your business plan to investors is no easy task. Even the most competent of young business minds might not be able to engulf the phenomenon of making a successful first pitch. It is true, as you make more and more pitches, you’ll start to understand what an investor looks …

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