Raghav Gupta, India country manager for BlaBlaCar. It is a ride sharing platform, which started its operation in India last year.

The platform, which connects car owners with individuals looking to travel on the same route, mainly for inter-city travel.
It is a  marketplace that connects drivers with empty seats to co-travellers looking for a ride. Over 10 million people use BlaBlaCar every quarter creating an entirely new, people powered, transport network.

With a dedicated customer service, a state of the art web and mobile platform, and a fast-growing community of users

BlaBlaCar is making travel social, money-saving and more efficient for millions of members.

New Features introduced by BLA BLA CAR for a Safe ride :-

  • India is the first country where this platform have begun verification of government ID documents, such as the Aadhar card. Bla Bla Car has recently introduced a government ID verification for members for a measure to improve safety and security for its rides. 
  • India is the first market of the 22 countries in which BlaBlaCar operates where the company has introduced this feature, this feature was brought, feedback from its members.


  • The verification is a two-step process wherein the scanned document uploaded by the user is verified and the details matched with government database using API integration, is also aimed at boosting the member’s profile on the platform.


  • Recently one new feature has also introduced by Bla bla car for the safety of women a`ladies-only’ feature to help women find other female travellers.


 In future the company also looking to  add services such as roadside-assistance for vehicle breakdown.
The company is looking to bring in revenue by the first half of next year by charging a commission from co-travellers for the rides.

It currently partners with IRCTC and Ixigo. On the marketing side, the company will be spending a significant amount in tying up with online travel agents to boost its business.

Raghav Gupta said :-

“Ours is not an on-demand platform, but supply-led platform. It is a pre-planned trip and the car owner will be making the trip, irrespective of finding a co-traveller. Secondly, it is a cost-share arrangement where the rates charged by the car owner are nominal. If someone charges Rs 1,000 for a trip from Bengaluru to Chennai, it becomes a for-profit trip which is not allowed. Over our next phase, we will focus on product features, partnerships and member engagement. The model falls within regulatory frameworks since the car owner is looking only at cost-sharing and not for a profit from the ride.”

BlaBlaCar has so far offered 3 million seats across the country, counting young professionals and students as a major segment of its members. After India, BlaBlaCar plans to introduce the feature in its other markets such as Mexico, Brazil and Turkey. The idea is to create a trusted community.



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