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Best Startups Of The Year 2016!

Urban clap

We often find it difficult to look for service providers like carpenter plumber etc. But what if you could get them all in one website? Yes, that’s what the venture called Urban clap is going to provide you with. Founded Abhiraj Bahl, Varun Khaitan, Raghav Chandra the start-up has raised 235cr from potential investors. It has already started its services in 5 cities and plans to extend to 6 more. Urban clap aims in providing services like yoga trainer, salon, birthday party organizer, wedding photographer, and many more by just using their apps. One of the promising start-ups of current time.




Cashback seems to be an attractive feature these days. One website only dedicated for such cash back coupon is cashkao.com. Founded by Rohan and Swati Bhargava is an online cashback coupon portal. The system works as one has to go into website look for coupons and select their offer and go for purchasing. Once the purchase is done the cashback is sent to the website account and then you can send the same to your bank account. Such start-ups usually aim at the new generation of shoppers who believe in ecommerce ventures.



Provides with online coaching for various levels of students. From school level to post graduate courses everything inside one website. Founded by Ishan Gupta, an interesting concept which many companies haven’t thought about and touched upon.  The company has raised more than $1 million and plans to expand further.



Founded by Satyajeet Mohanty, Ronak Kumar Samntray, a unique charger which charges your phone when attached to your bike. Containing 2A batteries it is one of the most desired stuff in the market. This venture has been constantly tapping investments and plans to expand.



Does planning for a holiday makes your head go round and round? Here a great trip planner for you. Founded by Anoop Goyal and Prakash sikchi, the website plans your trip day to day for any destination around the world for free!



Amigobull Inc.

Does stock market confuse you? Go for Amigobulls! This start-up has an efficient and yet to be patented technology of video library which teaches about stock market. Very interesting and informative start-up and much need one for the current market.



Consure Medical

Aim with providing medical facility to those where standard healthcare facilities aren’t available. One of most important ventures which are much required in the field of medicine. Founded by Nish Chashmawala and Amit Sharma aiming to further develop hygienic stool kit.


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